What parents should expect during a custody hearing

Missouri parents who are summoned to a child custody hearing will be asked a variety of questions by a judge. The court’s goal is to determine what type of parenting arrangement will be in the child’s best interests. A judge may ask about a parent’s ability to provide financial care. Detailed financial information could be used to determine how much a noncustodial mother or father should pay in child support.

Generally speaking, the law prefers that exes share custody of their kids. Therefore, those who are seeking sole custody should be ready to explain their side. If parents have a temporary child custody plan in place, a judge may inquire about the effectiveness of that arrangement. In the event that a plan is working, it may be allowed to remain in place with few or no changes.

A judge will want to know how well parents communicate with each other. This is important to know because parents will need to stay in touch with each other regarding anything that happens to their kids. A parent who cannot communicate well with an ex may be less likely to take an active role in the minor’s life.

Some parents will need to convince a judge that they are entitled to receive child custody or child support. An attorney could help a client gather financial or other information that might be useful during a child custody proceeding. Legal counsel may also help an individual prepare answers to questions that a judge will likely ask during such a proceeding. Ultimately, the goal is for the client to articulate why they should receive custody of a child.

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