Certain situations call for asset protection with a prenup

For Missouri couples who are planning to marry, one of the most common causes for dispute is a request for a prenuptial agreement. Often, a person will take this as a sign of mistrust or expectation that the marriage will end in divorce. However, a prenuptial agreement is a protective device in case a marriage does not work out.

There are certain times when a prenuptial agreement is more important than others. If it is a second marriage and children are involved, it is wise to consider having one. There are frequent complications with a blended family. The assets belonging to a person might be in dispute without a prenup, and this issue can be addressed in the agreement.

It is also beneficial to have a prenup when one party owns a business. Years of hard work in building the venture can be undone without it. Other factors to consider are innovations and intellectual property. The agreement can shield these if there is a divorce. When a couple enters a marriage with a gap in the assets they own, a prenup could be a wise step. This does not necessarily mean that one person is wealthy with assets that are counted in the seven figures. A disparity warrants a prenup. If the person expects to have significant assets in the future, protection can be key.

Prenuptial agreements can be complex in many cases. Understanding how to negotiate and prepare these documents generally requires legal advice, and both sides should have separate legal counsel. This can be important, as without it, the agreement might be more apt to be overturned during a subsequent divorce proceeding.

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