On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Divorce on Thursday, December 26, 2019.

Many people in Missouri know actress Niecy Nash from her role as Desna Simms on the television series “Claws.” On Dec. 12, the 49-year-old actress reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of eight years. The official paperwork was filed two months after Nash announced that she was separating from her husband.

In October, Nash and her husband jointly released a statement on social media saying that they were going to end their marriage amicably. The statement expressed gratitude for the marriage while it lasted and for the shared love that they still have for each other. The couple said that they felt they would be better as friends than spouses at this point in their lives.

There have been reports that Nash’s role on “Claws” may have contributed to tension in her marriage. While Nash filmed the show in New Orleans, her husband was living in Los Angeles, which meant that the couple was spending a lot of time apart. There were also some graphic sex scenes on “Claws” that Nash’s husband was reportedly not happy with. Nash was previously married to a minister, whom she has three children with.

If a marriage can end on relatively good terms, it may be possible to settle the terms of the divorce agreement outside of court. Doing this may save both parties a lot of money, time and public exposure. An attorney may be able to represent a divorcing spouse’s interests during property division and child custody negotiations. If the negotiations do not lead to a fair outcome, an attorney may represent the divorcing spouse’s interests in court.