Wendy Williams negotiating divorce after 21 years of marriage

Wendy Williams, the host of a daytime television talk show, has her own drama going on behind the scenes that may interest her viewers in Missouri. Her marriage of 21 years has unraveled amid allegations of her husband’s infidelity. Although their divorce has yet to be completed, Williams will reportedly pay her estranged husband $250,000 as part of an interim financial agreement as they continue to negotiate the terms of their divorce. The money is meant to pay for his new housing.

In their initial divorce filings, Williams petitioned for an equal division of marital property and the establishment of a fund to support their 19-year-old son. Her husband countered with a petition for spousal support and legal expenses. The couple briefly listed their East Coast mansion for sale, but overwhelming public attention prompted the divorcing couple to withdraw the property from the market.

The news that the mistress of her former husband had given birth to a daughter added validity to court filings from Williams who indicated that she saw no reason to expect a reconciliation with him. Williams has moved into her own luxury apartment and fired her former husband, who had been an executive producer for her television show. Network executives have renewed her show for two more seasons.

People often face the challenge of maintaining their professional lives while navigating the divorce process. Legal advice might aid a person who needs to understand how to prepare for the financial disclosures necessary while negotiating the terms of the split. An attorney could manage negotiations and buffer someone from unproductive arguments. By striving to keep discussions focused on practical matters, an attorney might resolve disputes and protect the long-term financial interests of a client.

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