Misunderstandings about divorce

When spouses living in Missouri decide to divorce, they may not totally understand the legal, social and financial ramifications. While ending a marriage is never an easy decision, it’s also important for individuals who are struggling in their relationships to know what they can expect from the divorce process.

Many spouses opt to end a marriage because they are constantly in conflict with their partner. While it’s true that divorce splits partners up, the couple will have to interact in the future if there are kids involved. Individuals who are unable to get along while married may also find that they remain in conflict even after the divorce is final.

It’s also important to note that divorce can bring about a different set of stresses, even if a couple doesn’t have any children. Not only do spouses often have to move into a new home after a divorce, but their financial situation may also become more precarious. Furthermore, friends and family members may take sides in the divorce, resulting in strained relationships.

Another misapprehension that people have about divorce is that wives and mothers will almost always receive spousal support and physical custody of the children. However, the changing roles of men and women in the workforce and family mean that neither spouse can make assumptions when beginning the divorce process. Fathers may get custody of their children, and men who make less then their wives could end up receiving some level of spousal support after the divorce.

Individuals who are considering divorce might benefit from partnering with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could review the client’s unique situation and provide guidance regarding property division, child custody issues and other issues.

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