On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Divorce on Friday, July 26, 2019.

While many couples in Missouri divorce over disagreements about money or children, some have more unusual reasons for separating. Some divorce lawyers are turning to an online forum to report the most unusual or petty reasons they’ve seen for seeking a separation.

For example, one man complained that he hated the sound his wife made when she was chewing at the dinner table. Another man claimed his wife had attempted to place a curse on him. A woman said she had decided to divorce her husband because the dog he gave her soiled the carpet. Yet another woman filed for divorce two months after marriage because she was unhappy with the gift she was given for her birthday, an iPad case instead of jewelry.

Some marriages do not even make it to the two-month mark. One woman decided to divorce her husband when he had too much to drink at their wedding; although, she did go on their honeymoon solo first. Another man moved out of the marital home at 5 a.m. the morning after the wedding following an argument with his in-laws.

Most spouses separate for more significant reasons, but divorce for any cause means usually means dividing property and making a decision on custody if there are children. In some situations, the issues that caused the divorce create conflict within divorce negotiations as well. For example, if the couple argued over a spouse’s spending habits, the couple might have to decide how they will divide debt fairly. Couples may want to consider how they will address a situation in which one spouse does not pay a share of the debt. A lawyer could help draft a fair separation agreement.