Learning lessons from high-profile divorces

St. Louis residents may be interested in Jeff Bezos’ divorce and the lessons that divorcing couples can learn. One lesson that this high-asset divorce teaches people is the importance of the divorcing couple forming their own unified narrative. Both Jeff and his wife came out with a joint statement explaining that although they were getting a divorce, they were going to remain friends. This aimed to put and end to speculation and to people taking sides publicly about the divorce.

The reason why this could be a good idea, and the reason why other divorcing couples may want to emulate this idea, is that once the public, friends and family members start taking sides and incendiary things are said, the divorcing parties may want to protect their own reputation. Part of this could include digging their heels in during divorce negotiations. This can make the negotiations go longer, which means that the divorce is more expensive.

Something else that can be learned from this high-profile divorce is to expect bumps in the road. In the days following Jeff Bezos announcing his divorce, journalists brought up a whole slew of accusations against him. Common individuals who do not have the wealth or the fame of Jeff Bezos will not have their dirty laundry brought up in national tabloids, but there are unexpected bumps that can occur during the divorce process. These may include uncovering hidden accounts or debts.

family law attorney may work with their client and help them address some of the unforeseen challenges that may arise during divorce. This might include helping the client understand how to divide property after divorce, what to do with joint assets and how to determine who is responsible for debt.

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