Factors that affect the cost of a divorce

Ending a marriage is rarely simple for Missouri couples. There are a number of factors that should be considered in addition to the social and emotional toll divorce takes on an individual. One of the biggest factors is the expense. Whether a person uses an attorney or not, divorce almost always involves taking a financial hit. However, if a divorcing couple plans ahead, they may be able to save themselves money.

The cost of a divorce in the United States is about $15,000 per person on average. This cost includes things like court fees, attorney fees, hiring financial experts, visiting mental health professionals as well as the cost of hiring realtors and appraisers.

Many divorces can also take a lot of time to complete. And as they say, time is money. An average divorce could take between four and 11 months. If it’s necessary to bring the divorce to trial, a divorcing couple could be looking at a process that lasts more than a year.

A contested divorce is likely to be more expensive than an uncontested divorce. When a divorce is contested, it takes longer, lawyers are required, professionals are brought in to mediate and high emotions can lead to poor decisions. Conversely, when a couple is able to come to an agreement on matters like selling the home, dividing property and child visitation, the cost of divorce can be reduced.

family law attorney could provide a client with practical suggestions on how to minimize the expense of a divorce. Legal counsel may be able to explain laws connected to property division, joint accounts and other financial issues. If necessary, the lawyer could also represent the client in court.

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