Disparity in attractiveness and divorce risk

If one person in a couple is significantly more attractive than the other, this could eventually cause problems in the relationship. An article in “Psychology Today” reported that according to research, couples who are not at similar levels of attractiveness are less likely to have a successful relationship.

This was the case despite the fact that in one study, husbands with more attractive wives, as rated by undergraduates, tended to be happier and more helpful to their wives than other husbands. Other research indicated that women who considered themselves more attractive than their husbands flirted more and were less committed to the relationship. According to another study, jealousy from the less attractive partner tended to be the culprit rather than a lack of commitment.

An online dating survey found that some people seek more attractive partners, but most people end up with partners who are roughly at the same level of attractiveness that they are. Furthermore, according to some research, if the couple has a long friendship first, differences in attractiveness no longer seem to be an issue.

Couples who cannot resolve their differences may agree to divorce, but this can open up new areas of conflict. Property must be divided, and if there are children, parents must decide whether they will share custody or the child will primarily live with one of them. These can be difficult negotiations fraught with emotion. In some cases, one spouse may not be forthcoming about finances and might try to hide assets. However, if couples are able to negotiate an agreement, they will probably spend less money and get the divorce over with more quickly. An attorney may be able to assist in negotiations or conduct negotiations on a person’s behalf. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the attorney may also be helpful in litigation.

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