Addressing child support

When parents in Missouri decide to divorce, one area of contention can be child support. In many cases, however, parents are willing to put aside strong feelings in favor of negotiations that center the child’s best interests. These families often forgo lengthy litigation and opt to negotiate child support between themselves.

In general, the law acknowledges the importance of both parents providing financial support for their children. When parents have an accurate understanding of each other’s finances, as well as their children’s needs, there is groundwork for being able to decide what an acceptable level of child support ought to be.

If parents are having difficulty coming to an agreement about child support payments, they have a few options. The first is to seek out a mediator who can help a couple understand and resolve their differences. Mediators are impartial third parties who are trained to work with parents in a way that defuses tensions and encourages both parties to view the situation realistically. In many cases, a mediator can assist a couple in agreeing to a child support payment that works for everyone.

In situations where mediation fails, couples may still be able to avoid the expense and hassle of going to court by agreeing to binding arbitration. In arbitration, both partners bring their case between a neutral third party who is capable of making a decision on the matter. Both parents agree to accept the decision of the arbitration professional or panel. If all other efforts fail, the case may eventually go before a judge.

Individuals who are considering divorce or concerned about child support issues, may benefit from seeking advice from a family law attorney. The lawyer could review the client’s situation and make recommendations regarding child support, parenting time and other divorce-related issues.

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