Divorce correlated with marrying on special days

When people in Missouri are planning to get married, some think that they should choose a special date for their weddings. Recent research indicates that doing so is correlated with a higher likelihood of getting divorced, however.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne, couples who choose specific dates such as Valentine’s Day are likelier to divorce. The researchers analyzed data from 1 million couples who married. Of the couples who married on Valentine’s Day, 11 percent had gotten divorced within five years and 21 percent had divorced within nine years.

The researchers also found that couples who married on days with special numbers such as Oct. 10, 2010, which reads as 10/10/10, were also likelier to get divorced than people who didn’t choose special days to get married. The researchers think that the reason for the correlation has nothing to do with the days themselves. Instead, they believe it is because the couples are more focused on planning perfect weddings rather than working to achieve happy marriages.

Regardless of the reason that people choose to end their marriages, they will need to contend with a number of different complex issues during the divorce process. If they share children, they will need to figure out child custody, visitation and child support issues. There might also be issues regarding property division and spousal support. People who are contemplating filing for divorce may want to consult with family law attorneys who can explain the process and what their clients might expect to happen. They may also help their clients to understand the potential tax implications of taking different assets in the property division portions of their divorces and help their clients to avoid costly errors.

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