Parenting after divorce requires focus on the children

Parenting after a divorce can become quite complicated. Many ex-spouses in Missouri struggle to make the situation work. By maintaining focus on the children and being committed to making co-parenting work, success is possible.

Parenting plans are set during the divorce, either agreed to and negotiated by the parents or set by the court. The goal is to smooth the transition and keep both parents actively involved in their children’s lives. However, both parents should be willing to work together and be flexible when it comes to following the parenting plan. This means that depending on the children’s needs, one parent might invite the other to events even when it’s not their allotted time. In the same way, parents should be able to negotiate the pickups to avoid additional confrontations that might have an emotional impact on the children.

Maintaining the children’s emotional well-being should be the No. 1 priority after a divorce. With this in mind, parents should try to avoid speaking negatively about each other in front of the children. Even negative gestures, such as eye-rolling when the other parent’s name is mentioned, should be avoided as children are very perceptive. If possible, parents should learn to appreciate each other and encourage a more even relationship with the kids.

Achieving a harmonious co-parenting relationship takes dedication and work, and the emotions that might have led to the divorce can often get in the way. One way parents can attempt to prepare for this is by consulting with a family law attorney during the divorce process. Legal counsel can offer guidance on how to negotiate a parenting plan and what the local law stipulates regarding divorce and parenting.

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