Divorce preparation steps to take

People in Missouri who are getting a divorce may want to take steps to prepare for the divorce itself and for life after the divorce. A divorce has essentially three phases. First, there is the process of filling out paperwork and filing. Next, there is the discovery phase in which both spouses reveal their finances. Finally, there is a settlement.

Couples should think carefully about whether divorce is the right choice in the first place. It is a difficult and expensive endeavor. Next, they should research to get a good understanding of state law. They should also think about their own financial and other goals. Getting organized is important and includes getting together all financial paperwork and creating a budget for after the divorce. This budget will help with decisions such as whether it is feasible to remain in the family home. People should close joint accounts, get a copy of their credit report and seek out legal and financial professionals who can help. They should also remember to practice self-care.

If there are children, it will be necessary to negotiate custody or have a judge decide. People should make their decisions here based on what is in the best interests of the children. It may be best for the children to spend roughly equal time with each parent, or some other arrangement might be right.

There might be additional preparations a person wants to make or questions a person may want to ask an attorney depending on the circumstances of the divorce. For example, a person might be worried about getting custody or concerned about the well-being of the child with the other parent. Individuals may be worried about whether they will have to pay alimony or child support or whether they will be able to collect it. An attorney may work with clients to help answer these questions.

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