Deciding whether to get a prenuptial agreement

Some couples in Missouri might think that they don’t need a prenuptial agreement if they’re not wealthy. However, there are a number of reasons why a spouse with a lower income may want to create a prenup.

For example, a spouse may want a prenup if they have children from a previous relationship. A prenup can outline what property should go to one’s children in case of death. Another reason to have a prenup is if either spouse is bringing a significant amount of debt into the relationship. A prenup can prevent the other person from being responsible for this debt in case of divorce.

Whether a couple is bringing assets or debts into a relationship, a prenup can be used to lay out how money and financial responsibility will be handled during the marriage. A prenup might be a necessity if a spouse shares assets, such as a family business. Couples may also want to use a prenup to plan for how they will go about dividing future assets if there is a divorce. While there is a common view of prenups as being created to primarily protect one person, this does not have to be the case. Both spouses can actively participate in the creation of the prenup.

Before signing the dotted line, it is important for a couple to consult an attorney and fully understand the ramifications of the prenuptial agreement. If the prenup is not prepared correctly or either person did not get adequate legal advice, the document could be challenged in a family law court.

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