New design would allow both spouses to keep the home in a divorce

Who wants what property-wise can play an enormous role in divorce negotiations/proceedings. Sometimes, both spouses will strongly desire to keep a certain piece of marital property. For some types of property, one option that might be available in such a situation is to physically split the property, so each person gets some of it.

Other types of property though generally can’t be physically split. Houses fall into this category. However, a new housing design that has come up in Europe seeks to change this.

The design is referred to as “Prenuptial Housing.” A design studio from Amsterdam is among the parties that developed the design.

The design is for a floating house. What makes this floating house design unique is that the design involves two interlocking, but independent, structures. These structures are designed so that they could be separated, if desired. The idea is that such a design would allow a couple to split the home into two separate homes in the event of divorce.

Currently, the design is in the prototype-development stage. It will be interesting to see what sort of demand there is for this design when it goes onto the market. Could you see a house design like this ever gaining popularity here in America?

While this new design raises some interesting questions and possibilities, the current reality is that, for the time being, houses are not something that can generally be split into two for a divorce. This can create some very tricky situations in a divorce in which both parties want to keep the house.

There are various ways such a marital house issue could be handled. Some examples include:

  • An arrangement being reached in which one party will get the home and the other party gets some other concession.
  • The parties deciding that neither party will keep the home, but rather that the home will be put to sale, with the sale proceeds being divided.

What the best approach to take in a dispute over a marital home in a divorce depends on the various specific details and circumstances of the divorcing couple and the divorce. Experienced Missouri divorce attorneys understand how tricky and contentious issues regarding a marital home can get in a divorce and can work closely with a divorcing individual to help them with trying to find the right solution to the marital home question in their divorce.

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