Too much texting leads to divorce

A report from Saudi Arabia describes the latest problem caused by technology. In this instance, it was texting. A bride and groom returned to their hotel room on their wedding night. The wife was responding to texts congratulating the new couple. The newly-minted husband asked her to stop and after becoming frustrated asked if the friends she was texting were more important than he was. She, annoyed by his question, said they were. Yelling and escalated arguments followed.

Lawyers were apparently called in and divorce proceeding commenced. Now, this may seem amusing, and it seems the couple may not have been well-suited for each other if this type of dispute arose on their wedding night, but these type of issues can destroy a relationship and a marriage.

Addictions, whether to alcohol, video games or texting, can undermine the communication and trust of a marriage. Texting, with its evil twin Social Media, can play havoc in a marriage, both in terms of time spent on those activities is clearly not spent on the other person in the relationship, and these tools can be used to cultivate other extramarital relationships that can lead to the dissolution of a marriage.

Cellphones and smartphones, with their incredible convenience, can also provide the means of cheating on a spouse and a way for that spouse to discover that behavior. Divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the amount of evidence used in divorce cases involving cellphones and social media.

These devices and systems can be used to show someone is reckless with their spending or violating some element of a divorce settlement. While your texting habits may not cause a divorce, during such proceedings you should be careful with your use of social media and photos or texts, as unsavory or unfavorable material could be used against you in a child custody dispute or property division matter.

Source:, “Husband divorces wife because she texted too much after wedding,” Chris Matyszczyk, May 17, 2106

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