Now there is even an app for divorce

Technology has had an impact on divorce in this country. Cellphones, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have already played roles in divorce cases. Errant spouses may use the phones to plan illicit meetings while their spouses may use them to track those meetings.

Divorcing couples may post pictures on Facebook or rants on Twitter that may come back in unfortunate ways as evidence in a divorce hearing.

Ill-thought out photos showing lavish spending made with a cellphone may make it difficult for a spouse to claim poverty during a property division dispute, or could show them in violation of an order not to bring “dates” to their home when their children are present during the separation.

But technology may also provide some assistance with the orderly operation of a divorce proceeding or with the demands of child custody arrangements and the complexity of meshing calendars and schedules.

It is unsurprising that someone has now made an app that facilitates various aspects of the divorce process. It functions best for those considering a collaborative type divorce. That is a process where both spouses work together to create a divorce settlement that can be perceived as being a win-win for both parties.

This process does not work for everyone and, clearly, if you are in a contentious relationship and your spouse is adopting a take-no-prisoners approach, using a phone-based app for your divorce is unlikely to be successful.

Every divorce is different, tied to the unique personalities of the couple, and you likely already know whether your spouse would be agreeable to the use of such a tool.

Source:, “Of Course Someone Made an App for Getting a Divorce,” Maya Kosoff, January 27, 2016

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