How much will a divorce cost?

No, this is not a metaphysical question of the psychological costs of a divorce. That question is always difficult, but its answer is inherently intangible and you are the only one who can truthfully provide an answer.

But the question of how much your divorce will cost is not asking what your attorney will charge or how much your court filing costs will be. No, if you are thinking about divorce or are convinced that divorce is your only option, you owe it to yourself to figure out how much it will cost in terms of what your finances will look like after the divorce is complete.

This is really a question of your future budget and what your daily living expenses will be along with your income. It is the question of all the big and little expenses you incur every day, and how you will pay for them.

If you do not work at the moment, but did previously, and have not been married long enough to reasonably expect alimony, you may have to make some speculative guesses.

On the other hand, if you are currently working, the difficult part will be calculating your reasonable expenses after the divorce. This may be easy if you have no children, as it is just you and your living expenses. If you have children, the calculation is likely to be much more complex.

Some will want to put it off, hoping for the best. In family courts in Missouri, that rarely works. Next time, we will look at important issues that will affect your standard of living.


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