Fatherhood: Good for fathers and their children

It takes two people to create a child. It shouldn’t be as shocking as it is to say, therefore, that it often takes two people (at least) to raise a child. Too often in family law cases, one parent is left out of the equation of raising a child. Fathers deserve every chance to play a role in their children’s lives.

More courts, including in Missouri, are starting to better recognize that it is not only fair to assign joint custody between mothers and fathers, but it is better for the well-being of many children involved in the cases. Fathers play a powerful role in their children’s lives.

According to, a father’s involvement in his children’s lives is not only beneficial for the father but the children, too. Studies suggest that when fathers are not involved, their kids are more likely to struggle in school, with substance and alcohol abuse, and they are even more likely to be physically abused, get pregnant as teenagers or be suicidal.

Those are just some of the negative impacts of a father’s absence. Not only could children be better off socially and physically by having a present father, but sources suggest that taking on the fatherhood role improves the fathers’ lives as well. Inmates within the correctional system who maintain even a minimal level of contact with their kids are less likely to be involved in further violence and more likely to successfully reenter society once released.

These are some big-picture reasons why fathers and fatherhood are important. If you are going through custody issues of your own and trying to assert your parental rights, you surely have your own personal reasons and feelings about why you should be a part of your child’s life. A family law attorney can help you in your fight to be the father you want to be and that your child needs.

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