Alienation can affect child support rulings

There are various aspects to divorce, and family law matters get further complicated when children are involved. There is a lot on the line with kids. Parents’ relationships with their children are at-risk. The well-being and emotional stability of the kids is important to protect. And the financial security of the parties is impacted by family law issues and disputes.

An out-of-state source discusses a recent trend related to child support in various states. The supposed trend leads to bittersweet results. On one side, a parent who feels he is treated unfairly preserves his rights to his money. On the other side, there is a child who might not get the financial support he or she needs.

This family law trend boils down to the matter of parental rights. A parent has the right to custody of or visitation with his child, assuming he lives up to other aspects of a particular family law agreement. An important part of that agreement is providing child support for his child.

But there is another half to the equation when an agreement is in place. The custodial parent should live up to her side of the parenting terms. Courts that have recently taken on the issue of parental alienation and its impact on child support demands have ruled differently than in the past. It is becoming more common for non-custodial parents to be freed from child support demands if they are victims of being alienated from their kids.

Are you the victim of parental alienation? Is your ex keeping you from being a parent to your kid? Rulings regarding this sensitive matter will vary from state to state and from case to case. A St. Louis parent who feels his rights are being violated should work with a family law attorney who can serve his best interests.

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