Literal approach to asset division goes viral in YouTube video

Earlier this week, we wrote about the fact that “fair” can be hard to define in a divorce settlement. Because Missouri is an equitable distribution state, many people think this means that assets will be divided in a 50-50 split, or as close to that as possible. But equitable does not necessarily mean perfectly equal.

As it happens, a YouTube video related to this subject has recently been gaining international attention. It was made by a divorced man who took the idea of a 50-50 split a bit too literally.

A man in Germany recently shared a YouTube video of himself engaging in some do-it-yourself property division with the help of some power tools. After his divorce required him to split half of the marital property with his ex-wife, that’s exactly what the man does. He can be seen sawing furniture in half, splitting a big-screen TV in two and even separating the front and back ends of a car.

The video, which has been viewed over one million times already, ends with caption: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura! You’ve really earned half.” After sending his ex-wife half of the destroyed items, he posted the other half for sale on eBay. Interestingly, he’s had some bidders.

It seems reasonable to assume that this video became popular because many divorcees have wanted to work out their anger and grief toward their ex in similar ways. While understandable and even funny to see, taking such an approach in your own divorce is probably not a good idea.

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