Thinking about a prenup? Find the right way to negotiate

The words “prenuptial agreement” have countless connotations — and not all of them good. Some people think that creating a prenup means your marriage won’t last. Others think they are reserved for the wealthiest people. Others say it turns your marriage into a business contract.

Despite what people may think about prenuptial agreements, the reality is that they can be beneficial for numerous couples in Missouri. A prenup can protect assets that you bring into your marriage, it can help you determine property division should divorce ever become necessary, and it can give you and your future spouse an opportunity to make sure you are on the same page about your assets and finances. Although there are numerous benefits to having a prenup, finding the right way to bring it up can be challenging.

A recent article in The New York Times Magazine addresses this issue in detail. For starters, the author says, it is important to pick the right time to tell your partner that you would like a prenup. Do not bring it up in the middle of an argument or when your relationship is already tense. Instead, start the discussion when you are on good terms, so you can both express your feelings calmly and rationally.

Next, be considerate of your partner and his or her feelings. Do not lose sight of the fact that you love this person and plan to marry him or her. Your prenup should be beneficial to both of you, not pit you against each other.

Finally, make sure you bring it up far in advance of your wedding. It is very possible that a court will not accept your prenup if it signed too close to your wedding because it could be a sign that one party signed under duress. Start discussing it at least a few months before you are getting married. Once you have agreed on terms — or even before — talk to a lawyer to make sure it will hold up in court.

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