Life events could force a change in your divorce arrangement

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and it won’t relent or “take it easy on you” even if you’re already dealing with something major such as a current or recently completed divorce. A new job in a new state may open up. A family member may pass away. You may suffer a medical emergency. You could be laid off from your job, or the company you work for may reduce your salary due to a poor year for the company.

All of these major life events are obviously made much more difficult to handle during a divorce. But now add in the fact that you may have custody of your child, or that you may have to make support payments to your ex in order to fulfill your child support or spousal support obligations.

It may seem impossible to handle it all — but we assure you, there are ways to modify your custody arrangement, your support payments and even your divorce agreement so that they better align with your new life situation. It may take some hard work and some patience, but any major life event can be incorporated into a new agreement that is beneficial to all parties involved.

If you live in the St. Louis area and are dealing with any of these situations, please consider the Stange Law Firm. We have extensive experience with all kinds of divorce cases and situations, and we will fight for you and your case so that your divorce doesn’t turn your life upside down.

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