Don’t let your midlife divorce become a midlife crisis: Part I

Divorce at any age is difficult, and the primary challenges of divorce depend somewhat on how old you are and what stage of life you are in. Getting divorced when you are young can be difficult because you may not be very well established financially. Divorcing when you have young children at home also adds the pressures of a child custody battle.

But getting divorced in midlife or later can also be challenging in different ways. In this week’s posts, we’ll discuss some behaviors to avoid as you contemplate getting divorced in midlife.

Divorce in your late 40s or older can be advantageous because your children have likely grown up and moved out of the house. However, some parents assume that their adult children will be able to handle the divorce better than they actually can. Therefore, it’s important not to depend too much on your children to lend a sympathetic ear so that you can vent about the divorce. They also should never hear you badmouthing their other parent.

You should also avoid the use of social media during divorce – no matter how old you are. Facebook and other sites are increasingly being harvested for evidence in divorce and custody disputes. Therefore, anything you post could be used against you later in court.

Moreover, the way you use social media could hurt your reputation with friends and colleagues. Facebook users in midlife or older are typically expected to maintain some tact and decorum. Venting about your very messy divorce online is just bad form.

Please check back later this week as we continue our discussion.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Ways to Behave Like a Grown-Up Through Your Midlife Divorce,” Abby Rodman, Sept. 21, 2014

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