Missouri woman is granted same-sex divorce

When people get married, it is normally with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, there are situations where, despite the intentions, a marriage ends in divorce. Missouri couples who are seeking to file for divorce often face a lot of hurdles. In a recent case, one Missouri woman faced unique challenges unlike most other divorce cases in the state.

According to the report, a Missouri woman sought to file a petition for divorce, but had the additional hurdle of being in a same-sex marriage. The woman was told that she would be unable to dissolve the union within the state, because the state does not recognize same-sex marriage. The report states that the couple was married in 2009 in the state of Iowa.

The couple was supposedly separated for two years prior to the woman’s divorce being granted in a recent court judgment. The divorce petition was filed simply to see what the court would say. The woman reportedly hopes that her case can help other same-sex couples should they decide to end their unions in this state.

Individuals seeking a divorce face many hurdles on the road to dissolving their union. Typically, most divorces share common characteristics such as division of property or issues of child custody. However, in cases like this Missouri same-sex divorce, the case-specific characteristics may make the process of receiving a divorce more complicated. Despite the complications, same-sex divorces may be possible within the state, if the divorce of the Missouri woman in the article is any indication.

Source:, “Gay woman’s Missouri divorce clears way for others“, , May 19, 2014

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