Finding the right team to help get you through a divorce

While some people thrive on pressure, most of us do not function very well in a disaster. This is especially true if the event is both personal and emotionally overwhelming. It is in these situations that we most need to rely on others and to have a plan.

Divorce can certainly feel like a disaster. And for the many individuals who try to get through it alone and without a strategy, divorce can result in long-term financial damage and emotional trauma. A recent article in Forbes discusses how to prevent this outcome. It was written by a man named Brad Loomis who used his two decades of experience in IT work to craft his own “personal disaster recovery plan.” His wife died unexpectedly while the two were in the midst of a divorce.

The entire article can be read by following the link at the bottom of the page. One of Mr. Loomis’ best pieces of advice is to “rely on the expertise of others.” Rather than trying to get through divorce on your own, it is best to assemble a team to help you. This includes close friends and family for emotional support, but also a counselor or therapist to help you cope emotionally and mentally.

Moreover, your “crisis management team” will include a family law attorney that you trust as well as accountants, appraisers and any other experts you need to build a strong case. Because you are likely to be emotionally and mentally strained during this time, it is imperative to find an attorney and other professionals with whom you feel comfortable.

If assembling a “crisis management team” seems either too expensive or too difficult, compare it to the alternative of going it alone. Divorce often feels like a disaster, but the aftermath does not have to be. Seeking help from the right people is the best way to make sure you get through your divorce in a healthy way.

Source: Forbes, “5 Tips For Creating a Personal Disaster Recovery Plan,” Brad Loomis, May 21, 2014

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