Apps you and your co-parent should consider using

You and your co-parent likely parted ways for a number of complex reasons. One of these reasons may have been that you do not communicate effectively with each other. While communication-relation challenges can be frustrating within a romantic relationship, they can also be unquestionably aggravating when they arise within a co-parenting relationship.

Thankfully, a number of apps, Internet sites and electronic programs exist that can help you and your co-parent communicate more effectively, no matter what your child custody arrangements look like. Of course, if you and your co-parent’s relationship is so high-conflict that it is affecting your child’s wellbeing, it might be wise to consult an experienced family law attorney for advice. However, many co-parenting relationships can benefit from simply putting some time and effort into embracing technology that helps to foster healthier communication.

One popular program used especially by parents who have shared custody arrangements is a tool called “Our Family Wizard.” This program contains an expense log, a calendar, a journal and a family message board. Using this program can help co-parents cut down on miscommunications, given that each may consult the information stored on the program at any time.

Another fun program you may wish to try is Artkive, if you and your co-parent frequently quarrel over who should receive your child’s artwork. This program allows either co-parent to snap photos of your child’s artwork and store it for you both to share.

There are loads of interesting and parent-friendly apps and sites out there designed to help you and your co-parent communicate more effectively. Consider taking some time to research these sites and observe how much calmer life can be when you actively embrace some of these tools.

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Apps That Make Post-Divorce Parenting A Little Easier,” Deja Vow, March 9, 2014

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