After big financial hit, music manager gets child support cut

We’ve talked before on our St. Louis fathers’ rights blog about how parents whose financial picture changes might seek child support modifications. Many of these requests are not reported on in the press, but when a high-profile case comes to light, it’s a good opportunity to see how these alterations actually come to pass.

Recently, a man named Mathew Knowles was granted a large cut to the amount of monthly child support payments he has to make. That name might not immediately ring a bell, but Knowles entered the public eye when he began managing a singing group led by his daughter. The group, eventually known as Destiny’s Child, grew to worldwide prominence, and Knowles’ daughter, Beyonce, has ascended to even greater heights now that she’s a solo artist.

Knowles’s wife filed for divorce several years ago when Knowles was named in a paternity suit brought by an actress. Knowles eventually acknowledged fathering the woman’s son, and had been ordered to pay $12,000 monthly in child support.

However, his financial situation took a big hit in 2011, when his daughter fired him as her manager. As a result, Knowles asked the court to lower his required monthly payments. After some consideration, the court did just that, ordering a new amount of about $2,500 be paid going forward.

You don’t have to be connected to a worldwide superstar in order to pay a relatively large amount in child support. When financial circumstances change, relief might be available. An experienced Missouri family law attorney can help guide people who find themselves in this situation.

Source: Associated Press, “Beyonce’s Father, Mathew Knowles, Granted Cut In Child Support,” March 5, 2014

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