Request for child support modification by ex-wife of actor denied

While the specifics of every divorce vary depending on a variety of circumstances, certain matters are more likely than others to be contentious. Those including children and money usually top the list and most are probably pleased when an agreement is reached. Individuals may not realize that the agreement may be revisited at a later date should one of the parties seek a modification.

Recently, an actor on a popular sitcom faced that situation. Jon Cryer’s ex-wife sought an increase in the amount of child support he paid her for his 13-year-old son. In total, his ex sought $80,000 more. He currently pays $8,000 a month.

In the state of Missouri modifications of current child support orders may be granted in situations where there is a change in certain circumstances. Either parent may pursue a modification due to reasons such as an increase in need or significant changes in income.

Because the reasons that someone might seek a child support modification are so fact specific, it is important that they be presented in a manner that clearly shows why a change is warranted. For this reason many find it beneficial to work with a family law attorney who handles such matters.

In this instance, Cryer’s ex-wife claimed that not getting enough money from his father was resulting in classmates making fun of the couple’s son due to the fact that he could not afford to do everything that they did. She also said that she was spending considerably more time with her son–50 percent of the time as opposed to the previous 5 percent.

The judge assigned to the case did not agree with the woman’s assertions and said that the changes experienced were not enough to warrant a modification.

Source: Wonderwall, “Jon Cryer’s Ex Loses Bid For Big Child Support Increase,” Jan. 29, 2014

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