Adoptive parents in Missouri have to shoulder big responsibility

There are thousands of kids who need to be adopted. Whether they’re in the U.S. or overseas, in foster care or in an orphanage, toddlers or teenagers — lots of kids need homes. And many Missouri parents have opened their lives to these kids to give them a better life.

What parents or potential parents need to realize is that these kids have disparate life experiences; they aren’t a blank slate that parents can imprint. It’s of crucial importance for adoptive parents to be able to adjust to the needs of their adopted kids.

Kids from other countries, especially, are likely to have difficulty adjusting. One adoptive mother, who works on issues regarding adoption for Missouri families, says that her kids — who are from Guatemala and Ethiopia — were taken aback at things that many kids find unremarkable. Trips to Target, for example, are overwhelming because of the sheer volume of merchandise present. One of the children is afraid to take an escalator or an elevator, while the other enjoys them because they seem like carnival rides to him.

In any case, the message that parents need to take away is that the best interests of the child are paramount. This applies, too, if parents decide to end their marriages for any reason. Divorces have a huge impact on all children, of course, but for kids who have been adopted, it might seem as if their whole world is unraveling for a second time. It’s important to have experienced legal representation for times like these, so that parents can devote their energy to the tasks that are truly important.

Source: Southeast Missourian, “Orphan care conference to be held Saturday at Cape church,” Bob Campbell, Jan. 14, 2014

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