Mother sentenced after lying about baby’s origin

Fathers’ rights can be a delicate issue. Many women involved in paternity or custodial cases would often prefer that the father of their children be around as little as possible. Fathers who want to remain a part of the lives of their children may have to fight to make sure that their rights and obligations as a parent are upheld.

The effort these fathers put forth is sometimes required due to the instability of the mother — brought about by alcohol or drug addiction, mental illness or some other factor. A recent case in Hawaii shows how a paternity case could be made extraordinarily complicated by the thoughtless actions of one person.

A woman from Hawaii was sentenced recently on charges of filing a police report. The woman reported finding a newborn baby on a beach. The baby was full term, healthy and weighing around 8 pounds. The woman says she picked up the baby and took her to a hospital.

However, police were able to determine that the woman herself was the baby’s mother. She didn’t want her family to learn about the pregnancy, so she concocted the story about finding the baby on the beach. The child is now in the custody of her mother, but a family court could decide to terminate the woman’s paternal rights.

Reports about the case didn’t mention the baby’s father, who appears to be out of the picture. However, men who want to step up and establish the paternity of a child they fathered can consult with an experienced fathers’ rights attorney in Missouri for assistance.

Source: Associated Press, “Honolulu mom who lied about baby is sentenced,” Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Jan. 16, 2014

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