Dad gets in legal trouble over Facebook post about ex-wife

It can be difficult to hold one’s tongue during and after a contentious divorce. Fathers in Missouri know that it can be frustrating not to speak out when things aren’t going their way — especially when there are platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that make expressing one’s opinions to the world almost effortless. However, the danger of broadcasting your opinions are that people who are the target of your consternation will take offense — and make it into an even bigger deal.

This is what happened with one man whose wife saw comments that he had posted on Facebook disparaging her –although not by name. The two were involved in a custody battle over their son at the time, and the woman made a printout of the husband’s declaration and took it to the judge in their case. As a result, the man was held in contempt.

There are many fathers’ rights cases in St. Louis where emotions run high. To some people, such a display of emotion might seem like a positive. After all, a dad who would take to social media in order to state his case must be really intent on winning or sharing custody. However, not all judges would see the situation this way. In many situations, when cooler heads prevail, parents who are able to calmly and logically argue the merits of their cases have the best chance. An attorney experienced in cases involving fathers’ rights can be a good sounding board for how to best present a father’s side of the story.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How A Facebook Post Almost Got This Dad Thrown In Jail,” Jan. 24, 2014

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