Child returned to mother after grandfather’s claim rejected

A child was returned to her mother after another state’s Supreme Court rejected claims for custody by the child’s grandfather. According to a report, the grandfather petitioned for custody of the child after the child’s mother left the child in that state while the mother returned to her home state for a job interview.

The state in which the grandfather lives overturned a lower court’s decision that awarded child custody to the grandfather, and said that the lower court didn’t give the woman a proper right to appeal. Matters regarding child custody can be very sensitive for people in Missouri. Cases can sometimes be especially complex when more than one state is involved.

Although the news article on the higher court’s decision didn’t indicate why the grandfather originally tried to obtain and was awarded custody, grandparents and parents can sometimes be in conflict on how a child is being raised. Grandparents might have some rights when it comes to child custody. However, there usually needs to be a very good reason for a judge to remove a child from their parents.

Judges usually decide custody cases in Missouri based on what they think is best for the child. An attorney can help advocate for a parent and ensure that the parents understand the court process and family law procedures. While custody battles can be very frustrating, parents will often do anything it takes to be able to see their child. It is important that child custody arrangements are made fairly and through the proper legal channels.

Source: The Republic, “Ohio court returns custody of child to mother living in Arizona, rejects grandparent’s claim,” The Associated Press, Dec. 17, 2013

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