Parenting styles may clash after divorce

In Missouri, when parents file documents with the courts related to child custody or visitation, the parents must also submit parenting plans. These plans are intended to help create a stable environment for children. These plans include information related to not only child custody and visitation schedules — including the holidays — but also decision making rights and responsibilities and how to handle childcare and health care costs.

In cases where each parent is kind of doing their own thing though — without knowledge of how the other parent raises the children — this can be confusing for the kids.

Jon Gosselin, the 36-year-old father from “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” said he and his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, are basically strangers. The two do very little communication and rely a lot on texting. And while he wishes his ex, the mother of their eight children the best, he said it is a shame the two have such different parenting styles.

Not only does this affect Jon Gosselin, but he is quick to point out the varying parenting styles also affect his children.

Kate Gosselin also seems to be somewhat on the same page as her ex-husband when it comes to their relationship and differences. In an interview, she hinted that co-parenting is still challenging for the two. However, she says the two are trying to do the best they can and that she would never stop or stand in the way of the children and their father.

Of course, not all relationships go this way after divorce. In some cases, one parent does try and turn the children against the other parent. Or, one parent tries to interfere with the visitation plans or goes against the already agreed upon parenting plan.

In these cases, a family law attorney should be contacted right away.

Source: Xfinity, “Jon Gosselin on Ex-Wife Kate: ‘No Cooperation,’ No Relationship,” Justin Ravitz, Nov. 1, 2013

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