Is there more meaning behind bickering about household chores?

While certainly meant to be a joke, a recent post titled “8 Household Crimes That Are Totally Grounds for Divorce,” brought up an interesting fact about what really leads to divorce.

This recent post is more a collection of photos. These photos are of the typical complaints spouses may argue over, such as having a husband or wife that never takes out the trash or being married to someone who leaves just the scrapings left in the bottom of the peanut butter jar.

However, push aside the humor of this post and there may be deeper issues behind some of these common complaints.

For example, while it may surely be frustrating to be married to a woman who never does the dishes — especially after a delicious dinner is made for her — one has to ask if it is really the dirty dishes that are the problem. Or is it reflective of other issues, such as feeling taken advantage of or not heard in the relationship?

The same questions can really be raised with many of these common “household crimes.” Is it really that the garbage did not get taken out yet again? Or is it that one spouse no longer feels like he or she is part of a partnership where each spouse takes turns with responsibilities?

Really, the message here is that constantly fighting over little household chores may be a sign of a larger issue. Eventually, these seemingly small “household crimes” may lead to a real evaluation of one’s relationship and the need to talk with a family law attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Household Crimes That Are Totally Grounds For Divorce,” Oct. 21, 2013

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