Study: Only children have higher divorce rate

A recent study looked at the divorce rate among those with siblings and those who grew up as only children. The study found those without siblings to have a higher divorce rate. However, readers are being reminded that while this is certainly an interesting idea, there are many factors that lead to divorce and being an only child may not really play a role.

The study analyzed data from 57,061 adults. This data was collected between 1972 and 2012. From here it was found that those with siblings are less likely than those with no siblings, or only one or two siblings, to get a divorce. In fact, it was found that for each additional sibling, a person’s likelihood of divorce drops by 2 percent.

Going by this study, this would mean that a husband with four brothers is less likely to get divorced than a husband with no siblings.

In looking at why this would be true, the authors say it has to do with the social skills learned from having siblings that are carried over into marriage.

However, others are not so sure and say that while the study is interesting, in social sciences a study has to be done more than once to have any merit.

S. Philip Morgan, a sociologist, also points out that the times have changed and no longer are only children at home all day with a stay-at-home mom. Rather, only children gain interpersonal skills, just as a child with siblings does. These skills are gained at school and with peers.

Additionally, a study that was done two years ago already found that only children do not have any disadvantages when it comes to social interactions.

A co-author of the study was also quick to point out that there are a lot of factors that can lead to divorce outside of how many brothers or sisters a person has.

Regardless of what these factors are, those in Missouri should know they are not alone and contact an attorney in order to start the divorce process.

Source: USA Today, “Growing up with more siblings could reduce divorce risk,” Sharon Jayson, Aug. 13, 2013

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