Does technology make infidelity easier?

At this point, almost every Missouri resident has no doubt heard about the sexting scandal involving former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner. This is the second time there has been a sexting scandal involving Weiner. The first one led to his resignation as a congressman in 2011. This more recent scandal broke after Weiner announced plans to run for mayor.

In response to the public outcry over the scandal, one marriage counselor recently gave his take on the entire incident and looked at the role texting and social media are playing in infidelity.

According to the therapist, easy access to cellphones and computers is making it easier for a spouse to cheat. Before texting, social media and emails, when a husband or wife wanted to cheat, that husband or wife had to put in the time to call someone on the phone, pick a place to meet and actually meet. Basically, the entire cheating process took a lot more thought and effort.

However, now someone can quickly send a sexually explicit text message or meet someone online and start a relationship on the side.

In some relationships, an affair — or even just talking to another man or woman — is all of the reason a spouse needs to file for a divorce.

In other cases, a spouse may decide to stay and try and repair the marriage. Sometimes this may work, while in others the damage may be too great and eventual divorce may be inevitable.

In the end though, when the infidelity does lead to divorce, whether the husband is the one who cheated or he was the one to be cheated on, no one should attempt a divorce alone. Rather, an attorney with experience handling infidelity divorce cases should be contacted.

Source: First Coast News: “Local marriage counselor weighs in on sexting scandals,” July 24, 2013

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