Study: Many happier after divorce

Over the years there have been quite a number of studies dedicated to divorce. Both in terms of who is more likely to get divorced and how people are going to act once they are divorced. The results sometimes reaffirm what most people thought, but some come as a surprise to many.

Take for example a recent study that found divorced men and women tend to be happier after a divorce. This is the complete opposite of a 2002 study that found there to be no difference in happiness between unhappily married spouses and spouses who divorced after an unhappy marriage. However, it should be noted this 2002 study was conducted by the Institute for American Values, which is an organization devoted to the renewal of marriage and family life.

In this most recent study thought it was found women are significantly happier the five years following a divorce and men are slightly happier after a divorce.

Professor Yannis Georgellis, the director of the school that conducted this study, said the happiness factor is most likely due to feeling more liberated after the end of an unhappy marriage.

For the Missouri spouse thinking of filing for divorce, this study reaffirms the idea that divorce can be a positive. Especially in cases where children are involved, parents need to think what would be better: Children being raised by two unhappy and arguing parents or children being raised by two happy and kind parents who live separately?

In the end, divorce is a very personal matter, and while some may feel like a weight is lifted after a divorce, it is also normal to feel sad and a sense of loss. However, whatever the feelings are, just know that plenty of other spouses have gone through the exact same thing and have been able to come out on the other side, continuing on to raise their children and have a fulfilling life.

Source: Huffington Post, “Women’s Happiness Levels Increase After Divorce, According To New Research,” July 11, 2013

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