Missouri fathers: Do not just settle during divorce

With divorce being such a stressful process there is always the urge to just agree to anything in order to just to get the process over and done with. However, making rash decisions or just always going with the flow can lead to consequences that a Missouri father may regret later on down the road.

Recently, an article titled “The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce,” was published on the Huffington Post. This article provided valuable advice for any Missouri father that is going through a divorce.

The first piece of advice is to hire an attorney. This attorney will make sure a father knows all options and the implications of those options. This means that while a divorced friend or family member may be more than willing to offer up advice, it is in a father’s best interests to learn about all of their options from a professional. This attorney may be able to offer up options that a friend or family member did not even know were possible.

It is also easy for a father to just want to agree with anything in order to get the process over and done with. However, settling when it comes to divorce is never a good idea. This can lead to an unfair visitation schedule, losing valuable property or taking on more debt than is comfortable. Rather than settling, the advice is to find a deal that is fair to both spouses.

Lastly, do not act out of anger. Instead of purposely trying to hurt an ex for the relationship not working out, focus on legal rights and handling the divorce in a way that spares the children from unnecessary suffering. Again though, this is not to say one should just settle. Rather, work with an attorney in order to make sure parental rights stay intact and that a fair settlement is reached.

Source: Huffington Post, “The 5 Worst Mistakse People Make During Divorce,” Michelle Rozen, July 24, 2013

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