International child custody case makes U.S. headlines

Child custody disputes can be plenty contentious, especially when it involves parents living in different locations. Throw into the mix moving to another country, and the entire issue can become downright infuriating to a father who just wants to spend time with his children.

Take for example the recent story making headline news. The child custody dispute involves two parents who were at one point separated by countries. The father was living in Cyprus and the mother was living in U.S. However, the mother did recently move to Cyprus, a move the father is questioning the real motives of.

The couple had met in the U.S. while in college. The two were married in the U.S. and started their before moving to Cyprus. However, when the two ended up splitting, the mother moved back to the U.S. with the children.

After leaving Cyprus with the kids, the father reportedly filed kidnapping charges. Following the advice of the U.S. State Department, the mother returned the kids.

Since, the mother filed for divorce in the U.S. She was granted the divorce and awarded custody of the children, who — at this point — have been living with their father in Cyprus for the past three years.

The father claims the mother had made the decision not to be there, while the mother claims the children were taken from her. The father also questions just how a child custody decision could have been reached without him even being present.

Of course, this has been a heart-wrenching experience for both parents. The mother wants custody of the children, while the father also wants custody and does not want to have to give up the children he has been raising for the past three years.

As this case goes to show, child custody disputes can be complicated. This is why it is important to have an attorney from the very start. Especially when relocation is involved, an attorney can help to provide options and advice on how to protect parental rights.

Source: USA Today, “Cyprus dad questions ex-wife’s motive in push for kids,” Dan McFeely, July 12, 2013

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