Divorce: Wife jailed after taking off with millions

High net worth divorces can become quite complicated rather quickly, especially if one spouse is trying to hide assets or just starts taking money that is not necessarily theirs to take.

This appears to be what happened before a divorce settlement was reached between a wife and her multimillionaire husband. In this case, the husband was a former analyst for Third Point LLC. The wife reportedly took millions of dollars from the husband before an agreement on finances was reached.

In looking at this high net worth divorce case, the couple’s divorce dragged on in court for two and a half years. During this time the wife went as far as to file a racketeering lawsuit against her husband. However, according to a recent news article, she repeatedly failed to show up to court, and when she did show up, lied a number of times. She also reportedly continued to change lawyers at a rapid pace.

Eventually she was jailed for taking millions of dollars from her ex-husband. A warrant was issued for her arrest earlier in the month and she was arrested just five days later by police. She was at a deli when police picked her up on the warrant. She ended up spending a total of eight days in jail.

Since, she has signed paperwork agreeing to return the missing money. Her lawyer said she has also had a change of heart and realizes she needs to be following the court’s orders.

A divorce settlement has also been reached. She will be receiving roughly $7 million.

In this case, the couple has four children together. Two of those children are minors. Any issues related to child custody were not discussed in a recent article.

In looking at this case, one can assume the wife lying in court, not showing up for court and taking off with millions of dollars was causing a good deal of stress for the husband.

Cases like this go to show the importance of having an attorney. Especially in situations where one spouse is acting out and not following court orders, having an attorney on hand can help when it comes to protecting assets and making sure everyone’s best interests are kept in mind.

Source:, “Wife in divorce let out of jail after taking off with millions,” Erik Shilling, July 24, 2013

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