Infidelity speculation already starts with Murdoch divorce

In news heard around the world, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendi Deng have split up. Murdoch was the one to file for divorce from his third wife. Now the gossip is starting, with some claiming Deng had an affair with ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

With this infidelity rumor sprouting up just two days after news of the divorce broke, some are speculating that this is going to be a highly publicized and contentious divorce.

In looking at this divorce, the two did have a prenuptial agreement. One would hope this would decrease the chances of fighting over property and assets in the divorce.

However, other areas of question are related to just where the couple will file for divorce and if one country would be more beneficial to Murdoch than another. According to USA Today, divorcing in New York would be better than Australia, which is where Murdoch is originally from.

In terms of the infidelity claims, the rumor is that Deng had an affair with Tony Blair. Aside from being the former prime minister, he is also the godfather of Murdoch and Deng’s two children, ages 11 and 9. The fact that the couple has children together means arguments surrounding child custody and child support may also erupt in the future.

At this point, a spokesman from Blair’s office said the two are not currently involved with each other.

For Murdoch, in the past he made headlines when divorcing his second wife for the sheer amount of money that was spent on the proceedings. With USA Today reporting that it is classic Murdoch to strike first if he feels attacked, one has to wonder if this too will be an expensive divorce.

In the end, at least one lesson can be learned from Murdoch’s divorce filing and that is to not expect a divorce to be amicable. Even in cases where it seems to start out rather tame, keep in mind that emotions can fuel decisions, which is why it is advisable for anyone going through a divorce to talk with an attorney to make sure best interests are kept in mind.

Source: USA Today, “Rupert-Murdoch-Wendi Deng divorce story gets juicier,” Maria Puente, June 14, 2013

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