Father’s custody and visitation rights are ignored

Though we hope such a circumstance is uncommon, one particular father has not seen his children in close to two years. The last time he saw his children back in 2011, delays in dropping the children off by their mother resulted in this father only able to see his children for two hours.

This could be a part of what is called parental alienation. This results when one parent turns the children against the other parent by various ploys. For example, the mother may cast aspersions upon the father in front of their children, may play on the children’s emotions, or may simply deprive the children of the opportunity to see their father.

Too often in child custody situations, visitation orders are ignored and the father is unfairly deprived of the opportunity of seeing their children on a regular basis. And rather than make waves by bringing this matter to the attention of the courts, the father gives in to circumstances.

The goal of all child custody matters in the state of Missouri is to make sure that the needs of the children are being met. It is important that both parents play a vital role in the lives of their children. Family law attorneys can help clients revisit matters where the need of both parents participating in their children’s lives is being ignored.

Unfortunately, attorneys can do little if parents do not come to them for assistance. Allowing one parent to have dominant influence over a couple’s children ultimately results in harm to everyone – especially the children.

Source: City Week, “Even With Court-Ordered Visitation Rights, This Divorced Father Still Got Dumped by His Kids,” by Carolyn Campbell, April 24, 2013

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