Mother accused of hiding money for larger child support payout

A 43-year-old mother who is a mountaineer and extreme athlete is being accused of purposely taking advantage of the father of her child in order to receive more than she is entitled to in child support. Her new boyfriend is also accused of playing a role in the scheme that involved deflating her finances in order to secure more than $50,000 a month in child support. Now the three — the mother, her boyfriend and the father of the 5-year-old — are all involved in a legal battle.

The boyfriend in this case is Andrew Cader. Cader is a former Goldman Sachs executive and part-owner of the Rays baseball franchise. He is accused of concealing money he was giving to his girlfriend, Annabella Bond, as loans. These “loans” of several million dollars allowed Cader to avoid having to pay gift tax and deflated how much money it would appear that Bond had.

The father in this case is Warren G. Lichtenstein. He was ordered by a Hong Kong court — after Bond moved with his daughter to the country — to pay $41,800 a month in child support. Additionally, he pays for many of his daughter’s other expenses, like traveling, medical, school and tutoring.

This child support amount was determined based in part on Bond’s financial situation. However, the claim is that the court did not know her true financial situation as her boyfriend, Cader, was renting her Hong Kong home for $26,000 a month, but was restructuring the money as a loan. Another $3.5 million was also supposedly given to Bond, but again, was structured as a loan.

Now the case is going before a court in the U.S.

In looking at this case, while most Missouri parents will not be in the situation where an ex is attempting to hide such a high amount of money, there are still parents who will try to lie about income or assets in order to manipulate child support payments. This is part of the reason why it is advised for parents who are going through child custody and child support battles to have legal representation on their side, in order to have someone look out for illegal and dishonest behaviors.

Source: Source: The New York Times, “Millionaires Clash Over Socialite’s Child Support Claims,” Peter Lattman, April 26, 2013

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