Men looking for alimony in divorce

It used to be that men almost always automatically earned more money than their wives. This left wives in the situation of fighting for some sort of a fair divorce settlement. However, as the times have changed and women have started to earn more, many now have a higher net worth than their husbands. This means it could be the men looking for alimony from their ex-wives in the case of divorce.

According to one report, it is becoming less rare for the wife to be earning more money in a dual-income family. Granted, this was only reported in about 16 percent of the marriages, but the number is increasing over time. This means there are a number of divorces where the men are the ones attempting to negotiate alimony and child care costs.

Of course having a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married could go a long way in avoiding litigation down the road. But, even having an agreement is not a sure fire way to avoid court, as there could be validity concerns.

For men in Missouri going through a divorce, the thing to remember is that times have changed and men are not always now the breadwinners in the relationships. And just like how there was no shame in women looking for fair divorce settlements to reflect past trends, there is no shame in a husband attempting to receive what is rightfully his.

Additionally, while trends surrounding income and alimony have changed so too have ideas regarding child custody and divorce. For Missouri fathers wanting to learn more; talk with an attorney who focuses on fathers’ rights.

Source: Forbes, “Divorcing Women: When You Earn More Than Your Husband,” Jeff Landers, April 10, 2013

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