First comes love, then comes home – then the marriage

A recent study suggests that more and more couples are beginning to purchase homes together prior to marriage. This trend differs from previous generations’ traditions. The findings from study may eventually help uncover information about divorce.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate performed a study, which notes that one-fourth of homeowners that are married bought their homes before taking the plunge. This is especially true for those ages 18 to 34.

While the study does not have a specific explanation for the new trend, it could have to do with a revised idea of commitment. Maybe the new “engagement” is buying a house. Couples are making efforts to work on serious financial issues before tying the knot. Some say that this represents a sense of maturity.

Also, people are getting married later. The average age of women marrying for the first time was 23.9 in 1990; it is now 26.1. There has been a steady age increase for first-time married men, too. The new trend is good news for the real estate market, as people are not necessarily waiting to get married before buying a home.

All if this makes sense when you consider the fact that 66 percent of couples live together before commitment. Therefore, maybe the buying trend is in accordance with the way relationships work nowadays.

As relationships evolve, we learn more and more about commitment and marriage. This helps us uncover more about divorce and other relationship issues. While the survey does not reveal the effect of the buying trend on divorce numbers, it will not be long before we uncover statistics.

Source: USA Today, “More Millennials get house before getting hitched,” Haya El Nasser, April 17, 2013

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