When adultery plays a role in divorce

Cheating can be looked at as the ultimate betrayal in a marriage. For some, while there may have been other issues and concerns in a marriage, finding out about adultery is the final straw to filing for divorce.

It appears one woman recently got her revenge on her husband. Taking a play on the Mastercard’s “priceless” campaign, the billboard reads “Michael, GPS Tracker — $250, Nikon Camera with zoom lens — $1600, Catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account, — Priceless. — Jennifer.”

The billboard has so far gotten quite a bit of attention, with some referring to the sign as being “hilarious.”

However, while the sign may be one way to go about bringing up infidelity concerns, keep in mind that in Missouri, when it comes to adultery, it can be difficult to prove infidelity in court.

For example, in Missouri, if a suspecting husband records his wife talking with a possible other partner on the phone, those recorded calls cannot be entered into evidence in court. Additionally, even when married, there are privacy issues and the evidence presented needs to be obtained legally.

Of course, there are still legal ways though to prove adultery in Missouri. Some go this route in order to get the upper hand in a divorce settlement. However, there are plenty of others — where even though adultery is suspected — they decide to just go with the more traditional route of divorce and not even try and prove it. Which course of action to take is all dependent on the situation and a Missouri divorce attorney can provide more information.

Source: WGHP, “A wife’s billboard revenge on Battleground Ave.,” Chad Tucker, March 21, 2013

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