Avoid letting emotion take over during a divorce

Even though there are plenty of couples who end up getting a divorce, knowing this does not make the actual process of divorce any easier. There is the legal side, which can end up having long-term complications on a person’s life and also the emotional side. This too can end up having long term complications. Both the legal side and emotional side tend to also play off of each other.

This is why it is important to know what some of the common divorce mistakes are in order to avoid them.

The first is getting the kids involved. Quite often when going through a divorce, a spouse may feel like no one is on their side. This can result in trash-talking an ex to a child or limiting visitation time. However, while it may feel like the child is on the parent’s side, the truth is this is doing more harm than good, especially to the child.

It is also quite normal to miss a spouse. Considering the fact that these two people spent much of their spare time together, it is understandable there may be some feelings of withdrawal from the soon-to-be ex. However, do not give into these feelings by sending constant text messages or emails. In the eyes of the court, this can look like harassment, which would not be good for the divorce process.

Overall, when going through a divorce, make sure to recognize the emotions that crop up. While this is normal, it is important to not make decisions regarding the divorce based on emotions, as this can come back to haunt a person. Rather, talk with a divorce attorney while going through the process to ensure that sound legal decisions are being made.

Source: Huffington Post: “The 5 Worst Mistakes We Make During A Divorce,” Jeff Gardere, Feb. 18, 2013

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