Father back in jail again for unpaid child support issues

Unless parents have equal parenting time and are both earning the same amount of money, one parent will usually be paying child support to the other. The one who receives child support is typically the custodial parent. The amount that is paid is dependent upon several factors, including parents’ gross incomes and child support that is being paid for any other children.

Once the amount is set, it must be paid. If it is not, the parent who owes the child support can wind up behind bars. Of course, being in jail will only make it more difficult to pay in the future.

One father was recently arrested and jailed on a bench warrant. The bench warrant was issued after the man failed to appear in court in September related to being more than $100,000 behind on child support.

This was also not the first time the father had found himself facing legal troubles and behind bars for not paying child support. In fact, in 2006 he spent 180 days in jail for a child support related issue. Again, in 2009, he served another six months in jail. In that case he was released in order to go find a job so he could pay back what he owed.

When looking at this case, one has to wonder if there are other issues going on that are making it difficult for him to make his child support payments. Is the amount just too high? Can he not find employment? Are there other financial factor affecting his life?

Missouri fathers must keep in mind that in cases where it is believed making child support payments on time is going to be a problem, it is best to talk with an attorney with experience handling family law cases in order to see if there are any options are available.

Source:, “Muskogee man held for owing more than $100,000 in child support,” Jan. 4, 2013

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