Divorced dads and the holidays

With it being smack in the middle of the holiday season, it’s important to recognize the fact that divorce around the holidays can be particularly hard on fathers, especially if this is the first year the kids are with an ex-wife. However, simply understanding that this is normal can go a long ways in helping everyone during this adjustment period.

Around the holidays, people also tend to blame themselves for their marriage not working out. However, negative thinking just creates more negative thinking. Instead, realize that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce and that many times it is actually for the best for not only yourself, but also your children.

When it comes to traditions, instead of focusing on the fact that traditions from last year are no longer around, try and come up with new traditions to celebrate. Again, this will help everyone transition better post-divorce.

When thinking about the holidays and transitioning after a divorce, keep in mind clear communication is key. However, if an ex-wife is not following the holiday visitation schedule, or is going against other aspects of the divorce settlement, seek out legal advice.

In Missouri, all parents are required to submit a parenting plan any time there are any documents filed related to child custody and visitation schedules. The point of these plans is to make sure things like holiday schedules are agreed upon. The thought is these plans will also help create a stable and healthy environment for children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Recently Divorced? 5 Tips On How To Survive The Holidays,” Joanie Winberg, Dec. 4, 2012

  • Sadly, there are cases in Missouri where parents try to skirt the parenting plan. To learn more, visit our St. Louis parenting plan page.

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